Save Your Nation is a home recording project consisting of:

Steve E Dee – Bass, Vocals, Programming
Craig – Guitar, Vocals, Programming


The seed of Save Your Nation came about as an idea between Steve E Dee and Craig while playing mostly cover tunes in a bar band. Craig had been bringing original material to the band for consideration as additions to the set list. Some were played out to good crowd reception. Steve E Dee wanted to do more originals and get involved in the song writing process as well. Other obligations, as well as a considerable workload of cover tunes, frustratingly prevented this from happening.

Steve E Dee had spoken to Craig several times about the freedom of writing music without boundaries. Craig, ever inspired by creativity, was wholly receptive and bounced ideas back and forth. It was obvious to both that this project was inevitable. It was decided very early on to acknowledge and give glory to God as the main focus of the as yet unnamed project. Additionally, they would attempt to stretch the limits of their creativity by pursuing one of their favorite genres of music – progressive rock.

The first session was spent trading guitar licks in Craig’s basement. All the while, they were recording and building the songs in GarageBand. Two songs were recorded that night, of which one made the cut for the upcoming debut album. That song was Within. The entire song’s structure was laid out that night and most of the guitar tracks heard on the current cut of the song were from that very night. They knew they had something special.

After a couple more recording sessions, it was decided that a name was needed for the project. This was, perhaps, one of the toughest assignments to date. Names and ideas had always been tossed about, but Steve E Dee and Craig were quite determined to decide upon a name that night. After exhausting themselves by deliberating for nearly three hours, they decided upon Save Your Nation. They liked the inherent duality that people would imagine by hearing “Savior Nation” when spoken. Perhaps that will be the title of a future album?

During the recording process, all drum tracks were programmed by Steve E Dee and Craig and some drum loops were utilized. These served their specific purpose as a vehicle to push the music forward, but the music could only be pushed so far. The decision was made to bring in their drummer friend, Big Dawg Dave to lay down some tracks. This took the Save Your Nation music in a more honest and respectable direction, maintaining the original integrity of the tracks and taking them to new levels of enjoyability.

The Revelation Now project is not complete. Currently, we are working together to mix the music down, getting every instrument and vocal track to sit right in the mix. We have received a lot of good feedback and are appreciative of our families and friends who have supported us. Most of all, we thank God for giving us our talents and allowing us to share them with you!